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28 Dec 2015

Nothing but benefits with the Alkus plastic plating.

Durability for long term results

At Becona we have been using Alkus plastic plating for more than 8 years. Throughout this time our plating system has proven itself over and over again.
What makes these plates suitable for you?
1. Extremely long life cycle
2. Repairability without quality loss
3. Same usability as wood
By doing this the Alkus plates not only save the environment – they also save your wallet!
1. Guaranteed long term use – extreme durable formwork
An investment in Alkus plates means a higher profit margin for you in the long term. You get reliable, durable qualitatieve plates that are usable for more than 1500 pourings with a promise of good results. The plates are are constructed from 100% plastic which in turn means that the plates do not swell, rot or burst with bad weather conditions. This all comes with the first guarantee on a formwork plate ever: 7 years guarantee on the quality and usability of the alkus plates.

2. Repairable: like new
Unavoidable and unforeseen damage does not have any long term effect on the Alkus plates. The plates can, thanks to the unique possibility to repair with the same material, be repaired to the same high standard as before. The plates are as good as new and can be used to their full potential. This saves your wallet and the environment.

3. Same usability as wooden plates
It is also possible to nail to the Alkus plates, in the same way as multiply plates, however the major difference is that the upperlayer does not burst after nailing and there are no problems with moulds or fungus. When you nail wood there is always a problem, the surface is broken and this allows the plates to absorb water and results in premature rotting and aging of the plates.