BECONA | Geniaal - Eenvoudig - Veilig - Compleet

Your advantage

Becona distinguishes itself by offering a complete solution, worked out in detail. Our personal approach leads to a fluid co-operation where quality and customer service are key.


Becona takes your personal preferences into account when creating your offer. With a detailed plan, site-support and a simple work method work can commence upon delivery. This saves you time and money.


Our workshop is organised in such a way that we can adjust to meet any special requirements you may have. Becona offers tailor-made solutions in addition to our standard panels.

Becona has its own workshop where we produce standard and custom panels. Becona formwork consists of an aluminium frame and a plastic sheet (alkus). This allows us to guarantee high quality and durability. The plastic plates can withstand more than 1000 pouring cycles and are easily repairable. In contrast to wooden plates they are weather-resistant, do not swell and are recyclable.

Cleaning and repair

Becona has an automatic wash installation at its disposal where it is possible to clean you panels. Formwork containing plastic plates can also be repaired in our workshop.
If you wish for more information about our products please feel free to contact us or download our brochure here.